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Finca de Xaz

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    FINCA DE Xaz is the newest residential destination AVANTESPACIA has to offers in A Coruña, in the prestigious municipality of Olerios. The development offers an exclusive urbanization with an 18 hole golf course and a varied selection of plots, duplexes and apartments.

    A great choice for those who prefer a better quality of life over proximity to the city center, a perfect decision for those who don´t want to sacrifice their wellbeing and want to enjoy the privilege of living or investing in an area surrounded by beaches, nature, and golf.

    FINCA DE XAZ offers a comprehensive offer: 47 magnificent single family lots, apartments between 2 and 4 rooms, and semi-detached houses with 4 rooms, all on the cusps of a private golfing development with top notch facilities ranging from a Clubhouse, Social Club with paddle and tennis courts, various children and adult pools, children´s play area… the perfect place with unique surroundings and all the services and connections imaginable.

    Apartment types

    Flat P3-1B 4 Bedrooms 119,60 useful m2 154,89 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 265.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Flat P2-1A 3 Bedrooms 94,80 useful m2 123,45 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 231.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Ground Floor P3-C 3 Bedrooms 85.80 useful m2 114,17 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 222.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Ground Floor P2-B 3 Bedrooms 85,75 useful m2 111,89 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 239.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Ground Floor P1-B 3 Bedrooms 86,35 useful m2 112,56 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 242.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Penthouse P3-A 3 Bedrooms 98,90 useful m2 130,00 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 310.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Couplet v1_11.1 4 Bedrooms 174,45 useful m2 215,65 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 376.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Couplet v2_10.5 4 Bedrooms 173,55 useful m2 215,30 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 384.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Couplet v2_10.4 4 Bedrooms 174,60 useful m2 216,20 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 358.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Couplet V1_12.5 4 Bedrooms 174,60 useful m2 216,20 built m2 Garage (2) Storage room Terrace From 395.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Parcel RF 1.4 619,43 m2 From 193.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Parcel RF 9.6 604,88m2 From 199.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Parcel RF 8.4 744,72 m2 From 209.000€ Download plan Download plan
    Parcel RF 10.14 603,04 m2 From 237.500€ Download plan Download plan
    VAT not included.
    • FINCA DE XAZ is for you…

      Finca de Xaz is the dream come true for those who search for wellbeing and a unique lifestyle without sacrifice, only steps away from the city of A Coruña, surrounded by splendid beaches and all the facilities you would need to live on another level.

      Finca de Xaz offers great lots ranging between 600 and 1,200 m2, with 370 m2 of buildable surface. The lots have varying orientations and positions, integrated into idyllic setting of golf and nature with the ocean as the backdrop.

      An excellent option for those who wish to personalize their house, with each nook, detail, and finish done to their liking for a life without limits. The perfect option to design your house, combining artistic design with your own style that adapts to your needs.




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    • For a life surrounded by golf and beaches…

      Finca de Xaz also offers a wide array of homes ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms, with 2 garage spots and a storage unit, distributed in low density buildings with ground floor + 1 + penthouse; the ground floors tout gardens with up to 100 m2, while the penthouses feature large terraces up to 60 m2 large.

      Every apartment has at least two opposing façades that face opposite directions, creating well-lit and defined zones, allowing for an independent kitchen separate from the living room. The building’s architecture highlights the terraces and volumes and generates vast outdoor covered spaces connected to the living room.

      All this allows for a building with ample and generous surface areas open to the exterior with a rhythm of volumes and features that form stepped layout that is globally used, all while integrating unique materials, shapes, and textures that give the building its own language fit for our modern development.

      Instead of traditional plaster and paint, the façade predominantly features window panes, porcelain veneering and synthetic wood paneling between windows that provide the building with a unique and modern look.

      Each apartment block has a private enclosure with a pool for adults and children, with a play area for toddlers.

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    • Your chalet at the foot of the golf course

      Finca de Xaz completes its residential program with single family duplexes with 4 bedrooms and two floors, with 2 garaje spots, featuring a unique and adaptive architecture that makes the most of its location with large windows and ample terraced spaces.

      Thanks to the building´s modern and functional architecture, we achieve an unbroken and continuous image on the ground floor, featuring a spacious a well-lit kitchen and living-dining room that has direct access outside, as well as the storage unit, washing machines, and parking garage.

      The night zone, located in the upper floor, has the main bedroom with a dresser, bathroom, and flying terrace, as well as three other bedrooms, one with its own bathroom too, all with easy access to the ample terrace located over the garage.

      Vanguardist architecture, spacious common areas, and high quality finishes are the ingredients that make Finca de Xaz unique, and what give you the opportunity to live a truly luxurious life at the foot of the golf course.

      Finca de Xaz is without a doubt for  you…

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    • Private urbanisation
    • Clubhouse
    • Beach surroundings
    • Golf
    • Children’s area
    • Good communications
    • Pools
    • Landscaped areas
    • Various equipment

    Beaches, golf, nature, and services

    Finca de Xaz is a stone’s throw from A Coruña, in Oleiros, one of the best touristic destinations of the area and an exclulsive place to live, surrounded by splendid beaches and a privileged natural landscape. The municipality of Oleiros was a finalist on the on the International Awards Livable Communities, a contest that recognizes the municipalities with best quality of life and sustainability.

    Finca de Xaz integrates the Paso de Xaz, one of the oldest and most illustrious manors of the area that stands out for its spectacular gardens full of history, with boxwood hedge mazes trimmed to match the purest French style, and a bougainvillea that resides at the entrance to the grounds.

    Today, the manor is a destination hotel and gastronomic hotspot, with exclusive location in the Valley of Rio Xaz that allows its guests magnificent views of the Coruña bay.

    The Finca de Xaz urbanization, aside from calm and exclusive, has excellent transportation and communication connections to the city, with the airports of Coruña and Santiago close by. Because of its ease of access, one can enjoy the unmatched beaches and rest easy in the open air without hassle.

    Finca de Xaz, perfectly located close to everything to allow you to enjoy the best the region can offer. Finca de Xaz is for you!

    +34 981 626 646

    Business hours

    From Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 13.30 H and from 17:30 to 21:30 H.

    Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 H and from 17:00 to 19:00 H.

    Sundays, and holidays will be attended by appointment.

    Urbanización Finca de Xaz

    Avda. Emilia Pardo Bazán Parcela RF 4.1 do Sud 11

    15178 Dorneda - Oleiros


    Office of Avantespacia in A Coruña:

    C/ Caballeros, 49 (entrada por C/ Alcalde Pérez Ardá, nº 26)

    15009 A Coruña

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