Future developments

  • Brasil - Paracurú
    Brazil, Fortaleza

    This future mixed 700 hectare complex situated on the west coast of Fortaleza is the perfect combination of a residential, hotel, shopping and golf complex…set against a backdrop of stunning beauty. It is the perfect choice for creating a new residential and tourist destination.

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  • México - San Felipe
    Mexico, Baja California

    10,000,000 m2 of land suitable for residential, hotel and third sector services, ideal for creating a major tourist development in San Felipe, the area’s most popular tourist resort set against a magnificent natural backdrop. Villas, one-storey homes, apartments, condominiums, luxury hotels, an artificial lake, golf and a fabulous choice of gastronomy, shopping and leisure options make this one of the most exciting upcoming projects in the State of Mexico.

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  • Rumanía - Tartasesti
    Romania, Tartasesti

    The Tartasesti project represents a new urban concept for Romania. An integral model that combines to perfection residential options and services just a short distance from Bucharest, in a natural setting that also offers the convenience of city life. A development combining residential and third sector uses. It has been designed as a state-of-the-art residential development, a space for living that includes a golf course and a range of services in order to guarantee an optimum quality of life (schools, shopping mall, landscaped areas, etc.).

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