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Vío Business Park

  • Parque Industrial de Vío
  • Parque Industrial de Vío
  • Parque Industrial de Vío
  • Parque Industrial de Vío
  • Parque Industrial de Vío

It is an implementation in a strategic position, within the municipal district of A Coruña and a short distance away from the city centre and the Inner and Outer Ports, the latter being destined to be a major driving force for regional growth.

Vío industrial estate is a natural extension of the POCOMACO industrial estate, which is already established and fully occupied. As a result, there is a great deal of latent demand for a space with these features.

Vío has over 350,000m2 of surface area available with spaces for industrial, logistics, commercial and office use, delivering solutions to any business space request.

By classification, Vío provides spaces for Logistics, Showcase Furniture, Light Industry, Warehouses and Offices. These use configurations enable companies to be offered multiple possibilities adapted to any need.

This is an industrial estate that has excellent infrastructure equipment and high quality standards, including wide lanes, parking areas, communications networks, sanitation and a high-capacity electrical network.

Vío: the new flagship Industrial estate.

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